black_angel003 (black_angel003) wrote in billy_martin101,

Hilary and Joel?? Express your opinions!

On the radio a few days ago...
"Joel Madden must really love Hilary Duff. The Good Charlotte singer was caught holding her purse at a local store so she could hold her chawawa."
In Teen People Mag...
'"I would love to do a collaboration with Muse, The Killers or My Chemical Romance." says the pop princess. Hummm...could this be the influence of her rocker buddy Joel Madden?'

I dont know the whole thing just freaks me out! Her music style is more pop. Could you see her doing a duet song with The Killers? It just woulnt fit. And its obvious that they are dating if they have been caught kissing, holding each other, and going to the mall. Plus she is 17 and he is 26! Okay now thats like me dating Joe(our 25 yr old music teacher)!! Im glad that Joel seems to be happy but...they dont match in my eyes. Plus omg Joel is starting to wear ALL WHITE! Noooooo its looks so bad! It just doesnt go well with all his tatts and piercings. Gahhhh I hope this whole thing comes to an end soon. Joel would match better with Avril Lavigne, Ashlee Simpson, Kelly Clarkson, or maybe even Racheal Bilson. And Hilary would go better with Jesse McGarney, or Gregory Smith. TELL ME YOUR OPINION....
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