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This is when I saw Good Charlotte for the first time ever at the Warped Tour last year Aug 15 at the Poniac Silverdome.I wrote about it in my old Billy Martin community....

OMG!!!!!! I saw Good Charlotte yesterday at the Warped Tour! It was sooooo awesome!!! I waited all day there til 6:30 to see them play. Ok this is how it went... After this one band stoped playing and ppl were trying to get outta the way i snuck into the front. Not all the way, about 20 feet or so from the stage, but i was close enough to see there faces! Ok so i lik waited for 1/2 hr to the stage ppls to set up and everything and they were testing the mics and sayin "testing 1 2" and stuff and every was like "yr not Good Charlotte!" and then the crowd kept getting bigger. Finally the band came out.
Every one was screaming!! (me included) and right when they started play their frist song "the Anthem" A mosh pit started. I had never experenced a mosh pit but it was awful. Ppl start pushing you and you have no room at all cause like you are so squashed in. But it was so f***ing worth. I got to see everyone!!!! Billy, with his green and black striped shirt and his long hair in front. Gosh he was soooo HOT!!! Then there was the twins, Joel and Benji with long black bangs and they were the next hottest. Then was Chris on the drumbs, and Paul on the bass. But omg You have no idea how wonderful it is to see yr favorite band in the whole world! There was crowd surfing and shit and i almost lost my glasses and things but i would do ANY thing for them. I had my camera to! But i held on to the that for dear life! They played the songs, My Old Man, Life Styles of the Rich and Famous, The Anthem, and at one point they were like "who wants to hear and old song?" and every1's like "YEAH!" and so they start saying "Oh my love, please dont cry. I'll wash my bloddy hands and we'll start a new life..." And i love that song cause its so sad. It talkes about this guy who loved this girl very mush and so he killed her bf so he could be with her and it really makes you wanna cry :-( But they had to stop right in the middle cause ppl were getting hurt. They also played two songs from there new album coming out October 5 called Cronicals of Life and Death and they also played "Hold On" and "Young and Hopeless"
At one point Benji says, "Did you all know I used to live in Michigan for a little while?" And everyone like screaming and saying "WOO HOO" and hes like "Well while we were in Michigan, I wrote this song, and it goes like this....." And the they start singin "Educated. With money. He's well dressed, not funny...." Wow i didnt know Benji wrote Boys and Girls! It was sweet. And they were like "I wanna see you all jumping!" And so everyone jumping. And a couple times they were like "Did i tell you guys how much we love you? You guys are great thanks so much for sticking with us, you guys made us who we are today." And I was "I LOVE YOU TOO!" But they could not hear us :-(
Those guys ROCK!!! Billy my favortie guy outta the band was kickin ass he was going all around they stage rocking hard on his guitars (he had like 4 different one he played) And another thing was that both Benji and Joel sing! They both had mics it was awesome! They whole band was singin. Lol you should have seen Billy he was so HOT singin along to the songs AHHHH hes to die for! And Joel was throughing out the energy drinks he was having out into the croud! But i was too far away to catch them :-( And at the end they said "And we are happy to say that our friend Sharen is here she is great." And this girl about my age comes from the back of the stage and wraps her arms around Benji or Joel I cant remeber which one, and then he carries her off to the edge of the stage and i was think "Oh-My-God!!!!! What would I give to hug one of those guys!!!" And then at the end they through out there guitar picks, and drum sticks! I WANTED ONE SO F***ING BAD but i was still to far away. Then they exited the stage right after and they like fanished!!!!! I wanted to get up closer to get a better pic!!! I ran to the fence where they had exited off and they were GONE! I had no idea where they hell they went! They could not of gone into the truck cause thats where all the equipment was! So the must of somehow snuck into there tour bus :-( And they didnt even give out autographs!!! (boo woo) But i did get a total of 21 pics which have to get developed :-)
A called a friend of mine today that went, but i never got to see her, and we talked about it for a whole hour. She was there with he aunt and her aunts bf and she was saying that she saw Benji off the side of the stage and he was looking STRIGHT at her aunt and her aunts bf cause they were kissing and now I know why! :-( He has never had a good relasionship with a girl and I bet he wishes he could have one. I know this because Whenever I see someone kissing I stop for a while to watch, wishing I could have a bf that would kiss me :-( LOL well ne ways I cant wait til they tour again I think they might have a tour for there new cd and if they are im going! And im making sure i get as close as possible cause i LOVE those guys!!!! Right now the Warped Tour has moved to Ohio and i miss them already. Its great to have a band where you would do ANY thing for them and that you know all there songs and buy there shirts and have posters in yr room of them. Yesterday made me love those 5 woderful great guys even more.....
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